Blue Wave Washes Over Shelby

We Won!

The August 2018 election brought a blue wave to Shelby County government.

Honestly, there are so many winners that I can’t possibly congratulate all of them individually.

I mean, since I moved here 14 years ago, there’s never been a time when EVERY COUNTYWIDE DEMOCRAT WON.

This is what the GOP feared in 2010. It just too eight more years to make it happen.

So congratulations to all these Countywide winners.

Winners of Note

Big shout outs to my friends, Van Turner, Reginald Milton, and newly elected Commissioners Tami Sawyer, Mickell Lowery and Edmund Ford Jr. I can’t wait to see you guys working together for the good of the County.

Another shout out to Michael Whaley. He’s the Democrat who flipped District 5 from red to blue.  District 5 was the most flippable district, but it took a blue wave to get enough Democrats to show up and push him…just barely, over the top. Congratulations Michael.

With Democrats winning District 5, that gives them a 8-5 majority on the County Commission…which could be the biggest coup of the whole election.

I also want to give a shout out to Katrina Robinson. She took on a State Senate Democrat who’s been a regular supporter of regressive GOP legislation. Way to take on the powers that be and turn a blue district bluer.

And a final shout out to Raumesh Akbari. Raumesh beat out Justin Ford for the Democratic nomination to Senate District 29. Akbari has been a real voice of reason in the State House. I can’t wait to see her bring that leadership to the State Senate, where it is sorely needed.

Honorable Mentions

While the wins are great, there are also folks who worked their asses off and didn’t win last night.

George Monger in Commission District 13 made a valiant effort in a tough district against a surprise opponent (the incumbent lost in the May GOP primary). Believe me, I know what you’re going through. That same thing happened to me in 2012. George is a fighter. I can’t wait to see what he does next.

Torrey Harris took on super Conserva-Dem John DeBerry in State House District 90. Like the two women who took on this task before him, Torrey fell short thanks in large part to the wash of outside money that flooded into the contest. Torrey is young and full of love and energy. He’s going to be a great force for good here in Big Shelby.

Three of my friends lost their bid for SCDP Executive Committee. Gale Jones Carson, who has been on the State Executive Committee for as long as I can remember, narrowly lost her bid to remain on the body. Also Virgie Banks and George Boyington lost their runs at the Executive Committee. All three of these guys are really engaged in the Party. I know they’ll pick themselves back up and get back in the game.

Finally, at the State level, I want to extend a special note of gratitude to TN House Minority Leader, Craig Fitzhugh. Craig ran for the Democratic nomination for Governor. He ran a pretty positive campaign focusing on the issues that impact regular folks. He recognizes that if it impacts us city dwellers, it REALLY impacts people in rural communities where there are fewer resources to go around. We’ll miss your leadership in the State House Craig.


Last night was a great night for Shelby County. And once the tears have dried, be they tears of joy or sadness, its time to get to work for the County.

That means all of us. Whether its holding the newly elected folks to their promises, or going out to recruit new voters…a well functioning republic requires PARTICIPATION. And that participation has to extend beyond election day.

The work is not over Democrats…its only just begun.

Rest up, and ready yourselves for the challenges ahead.

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