Andy Card STFU

Andy Card, former Bush Administration Chief of Staff, and one of those people who helped screw up the country so bad that it’ll take the better part of the NEXT decade to fix it, is criticizing President Obama for not wearing a jacket in the Oval Office.

Are you serious?

Well, late tonight (actually it’s about 3:30 am) pictures surfaced of President Bush Jacketless in the Oval Office, as well as several of his predecessors.

I understand that there is a level of formality that surrounds the Office and the Presidency in general. I understand why that is important. Part of the formality lies in respect for the office, and the officer. Part, has more to do with a respect for the authority that comes with the Presidency. But the truth of the matter is, a suit jacket, or a tie are mere symbols of formality, not actual formality.

The former Administration may have “played at” more respect for the office, by keeping a relatively strict dress code in the White House. Unfortunately, it’s only a “play” at respect, because despite their dress, their ACTIONS did more to harm this country than anything a jacketless President could ever hope to muster.

Seriously Andy, crawl back into your hole. You and your Neoconservative buddies are like the 4 geeks in the Alltel commercials…ALWAYS WRONG.

Andy, it’s you, you’re the Ding Dong.

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  1. If you remember waaaay back to Pres. Clinton, the reason Linda Tripp gave for hating Clinton and his advisors was that on weekends they wore blue jeans in the oval office. Remember, with non-thinkers the motto could be “Style before Substance”. Maybe if Dubya wore jeans . . . wait, no, stupid in jeans isn’t any smarter than stupid in a cusom suit.

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