And I Woulda Gotten Away With It Too…

if it hadn’t been for me meddlin’ with interns

Paul Stanley, Unveiled
As Steffens and and Aunt B have already discussed, Former State Senator Paul Stanley’s attempts to shift blame, as if he were some innocent victim is not only revisionist history, but ignores a pattern of behavior that the former State Senator has engaged in.

Remember this post from around the time of the initial revelation? Or this post including a statement from the former Senator’s first wife.

If you take a second, even though some of the links on those old posts are dead, you’ll see that the former Senator, just shortly after his first divorce which involved an order of protection, married his second wife, an intern in his office while he was working for former Senator Bill Frist.

I briefly met Stanley’s second ex-wife last last year. We didn’t talk about the scandal. We didn’t talk about him at all. But she seemed like a nice enough lady. The fact that she’s a former intern for Bill Frist doesn’t say that much about her, but it speaks VOLUMES about him.

The long hard truth is that Stanley has a pattern of involving himself with female subordinates. It makes you wonder if there’s some kind of power thing going on here. It makes you wonder a lot of things actually. But at the end of the day, his involvement with these women is about him, not them.

Look, all Stanley is doing is being a less entertaining Charlie Sheen. If you’re like me, you’re tired of all that Charlie Sheen business in the first place, and certainly don’t want to deal with it from someone even less interesting than Sheen.

Take your blame storm elsewhere Stanley. This is all about you and your power trip. Don’t get it twisted. If you don’t get in the situation to begin with, you don’t have to worry about the possibility of being “victimized”.

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