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  1. What in the name of Republican party is going on? Why has John Mccain and most all Republican members and leaders in congress went silent on these savage attacks on this loyal Republican, Sara Palin. Democrats always mass around and come to the aid of fellow party members who have been (even rightly) accused of bad behavior. But it seems that we can always count on the Republican’s to inflict the most damage on their fellow party members. Democrats defend and/or rehabilitate their fellow party members. The Republicans can be counted on to show up after a party member has been publicly accused of any misdeed, not to save the Republican But just to give last rites and put the final political bullet into his or her career. If a hundred Republican members of congress did not rise to defend Mrs Palin and to denounce her turn-coat accuser, then what can I expect them to do for me? This Party sucks! Show me the exit.

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