A Conspiracy is afoot…a foot is defined as…

I’ll tell you one thing, Mayor Herenton was smooth. Smooth as glass. He was calm, cool and collected. And he went out of his way to make sure that people noted that he wasn’t angry, which almost defeated the purpose.

The conference started out a little weird. Herenton spoke in very slow measured sentences, as if he were carefully choosing each word, then went into definitions of Conspiracy, Benefactor, and, perhaps a couple of other words.

I just finished reading the complaint by Ms. Smith and the letter to Bredesen by Herenton and I have to say that even if this is a crock, it’s a well organized crock. If it’s true, we can expect 4 more years of Herenton, like it or not. I haven’t read the letter to USAG Gonzales yet, I’m not sure that it has been made public at this time.

Something that only bolsters the Mayor’s claim are the current investigations by the House and Senate Judiciary committees regarding the DOJ’s shenanigans with vote caging, attempts to fraudulently charge Democratic candidates with corruption near elections, and other attempts to disenfranchise largely minority voters. These efforts have been widely reported at TPM and firedoglake.

Needless to say, if one were able to fold this “conspiracy” into other federal actions in the city, one could make an argument that the malfeasance goes much further than the people named in the complaint.

For my money, I need some more shoes to drop and a little more information from something other than the blogoshpere to really form an opinion. Just like I said John Ford wasn’t guilty until found so by a jury of his peers, so will I reserve judgement for those named in this little imbroglio until there’s a little more substance to gnaw at.

Until then, this definitely gives us something to talk about.

Below are the links to the letters…Thanks to mymemphispolitics for getting these resources us so quickly.

Herenton’s letter to Bredesen
Ms. Smith’s Letter to the DA
Letter to USAG Gonzales

Here is a transcript of the Press Conference provided by the Commercial Appeal.

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