A Challenger Emerges

This is not an endorsement, merely a reporting of a letter received today

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For all the talk of a Justin Ford candidacy for the Shelby County Democratic Party Chair race, there has been no push, no outreach that I’ve seen, in support of said candidacy aside from media reports.

Since Commissioner Ford didn’t even bother to grace the Ward and Precinct caucus with his presence, one has to question his seriousness.

There is, however, a challenger.

Meet Curtis Johnson, an attorney, and 2006 candidate for Circuit Court Division 2.

Mr. Johnson sent letters out to everyone that attended the Ward and Precinct caucus as far as I can tell, since Ellyn got one and she’s not a delegate.

Anyway, if there is someone else that’s running besides Mr. Johnson and current Chair Van Turner, they haven’t been trying very hard. In fact, they’ve put no effort whatsoever into the position.

Kinda makes you wonder how said mythical candidate might lead.

Good luck Mr. Johnson and thanks for caring enough about the Shelby County Democratic Party to throw your hat into the ring.

For the record, I’ll be supporting Van.

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