Stupid Experience

So the Hillary camp thinks that highlighting the experience of the presumptive Republican nominee somehow bolsters their claim to being “ready on day one”. This is the stupidest of stupid arguments, particularly in light of Hillary’s claim that there is more bias against women than men in elections. Hillary’s campaign has become a sad shadow, a caricature of what it should have been , and Hillary is solely to blame.

She has been out fundraised, out spent, out organized, and out thought on virtually every front. She took too much for granted and in light of a front loaded primary season, fell victim to her own arrogance. Denial is the first stage of grief. Hillary, the chances of you actually winning are slim at best. You may think you deserve it, but if the way you’ve run your campaign is any indication of your governance, then no thank you.

Obama, on the other hand has this whole Canadian meddling thing to deal with. I haven’t been following it closely, but it seems that it’s taken a little bit of shine off his campaign. We’ll see tomorrow.

As for McCain, he’s destined to fail, unless we win it for him. McCain was compelling in 2000, from a momentum perspective, but McCain has a lot of baggage. That baggage will come out full bore in the general, and that combined with his cold fundraising will hurt him. I just hope he gives up his Senate seat so we can try and be competitive in AZ too.

Ultimately, it comes down to who ends up with the Congress. If we keep control and get the white house, it’s still gonna be hard to get stuff done, if we lose either it’s gonna be a serious bitch to get it done. We have to nominate someone who will help our local tickets, and right now, I’ll put my money with the campaign that can organize over the one that seems disorganized.

My prediction, Obama in Texas by 4 %, Obama in OH by a hairs breath. The other two are basically decided. If all this rings true, Philly and Pittsburgh will start turning for Obama in PA which will ultimately decide the state. This gives Obama a leg up to the nomination, but Clinton will keep it going until the convention, which will hurt, a lot.

We can win in November if we don’t beat ourselves. For right now, I’m holding out hope that cooler heads will prevail, not much hope, but some.

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