More Flooding and Storm News

via Michael Silence
I can’t begin to fathom what the folks down in Alabama are going through. I’ve been in and around my fair share of tornadoes, having grown up in the delta, but this kind of devastation is just hard to get a handle on.

Obviously, thoughts and prayers go out to the folks who find themselves the victim of mother nature’s wrath.

If you want to help, I suggest donating to the Red Cross. They’ve set up a page about their relief efforts in the affected areas.

While West Tennessee was spared the kind of damage they saw in and around Tuscaloosa, AL, the possibility of flooding is still very real as the Mississippi River rises to levels not seen since the 1930’s.

Below is a quick roundup of the news from West Tennessee on the potential for flooding.

Overwhelming Devastation in Smithville
Shelby County works its way around flooded roads after 8-inch rainfall Wednesday
Mayor Luttrell Declares State of Emergency in Shelby County
Food Bank Seeks Donations For Mid-South Storm Victims
20 Homes Evacuated in Dyer County
Rising Tide
Collierville Backyards Turn Into Lakes
State of Emergency Declared In Shelby County
Wolf River Floods Rossville, TN
Millington Flood Concerns Rise Along With Mississippi River
All Eyes on the Mississippi River
Flooding Fears Cause Residents to Prepare
Flood Victims In Arkansas Assess The Damage
Animal Shelter Need Foster Help Due To Flood Waters
Flood Leads Mayor to Declare State of Emergency

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