Call to Action – State Education Committees #MCS – Updated

Update: It was brought to my attention that SB0025 will be before the Senate Finance Committee at 3pm today. I’ve added the email information for members of that committee also.

The Education Committee of the State Senate is meeting today to consider SB0025 sponsored by Sen. Mark Norris and SB0015 sponsored by Sen. Brian Kelsey today at 1:30pm.

Both bills, offered by members representing Shelby County, who didn’t bother to make it to a meeting yesterday to talk to the Memphis City Council or Shelby County Commission, set out to gut our ability to make local decisions on a local issue…schools.

Please take a moment to contact all the members of this committe, as well as the members of the House committee, which meets tomorrow, and let them know you oppose any effort to limit our ability to determine what’s best for our children and our community.

Below are links that will allow you to email all the members.

Senate Education CommitteeDolores Gresham
Reginald Tate
Brian Kelsey
Andy Berke
Charlotte Burks
Rusty Crowe
Jim Summerville
Jim Tracy
Jamie Woodson

Senate Finance Committee

Meets Wednesday, February 2, 2011 at 3pm

Randy McNally
Doug Henry
Bo Watson
Lowe Finney
Joe Haynes
Brian Kelsey
Bill Ketron
Jim Kyle
Mark Norris
Doug Overbey
Jamie Woodson

House Education Committee

Meets tomorrow, Thursday, February 3, 2011 @ 2pm

Richard Montgommery
Joey Hensley
Joe Carr
Harry Brooks
Kevin Brooks
John DeBerry
Lois DeBerry
Bill Dunn
Craig Fitzhugh
John Forgety
Ron Lollar
Debra Maggart
Jimmy Naifeh
Joe Pitts
Dennis Powers
John Ragan
Ryan Williams
John Windle

2 Replies to “Call to Action – State Education Committees #MCS – Updated”

  1. Please allow us to solve our local issues within our own community. If this merger goes through we are capable of properly handling the transition without the interference of outsiders. Again, if or when the process is complete the citizens and elected officials here will go about the task of creating the finest school system in the state. Thank you.

  2. I contacted the Education committee members this morning individually. I did get one response from Jamie Woodson of Knoxville, thanking me for the email and mentioning that once she lived in shelby county and attended shelby county schools.

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