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John Tanner TN-08 is the second longest serving Democrat in the Tennessee delegation. First elected in 1988, Tanner has seen scant opposition since his first term. Tanner is anti-abortion, against gay marriage, pro-gun, and for Free Trade. He supports protecting Social Security, opposes the Bush tax cuts, with the exception of the Estate tax, is pro-public health, and supports public education. He voted against making the PATRIOT act permanent, but has a mixed record on other civil liberties issues.

Tanner is a founding member of the Blue Dogs. He votes with the Democratic Party 88% of the time. Tanner has a PPI of 63.19. In the 110th Congress he has voted against the Party twice on key issues and in the 109th he voted against the party 8 times on key votes. He is a member of the House Ways and Means and Foreign Affairs committees. 72% of Tanner’s fundraising effort comes from PAC’s with 90% of that from business.

Any real opposition, be it primary or in the general, is unlikely. Tanner has consistently and soundly defeated just about every opponent since his election to the seat in 1988.

Tennessee’s 8th district is located in the northwest corner of the state. Made up of 19 complete or partial counties, the largest cities in the district are Clarksville (123k), Jackson (59k) and Martin (25k). Millington, TN, just north of Memphis, is the home of a Naval base that handles personnel, and is the only major military installation in Tennessee. In 2004 Kerry lost this district by nearly 6 points. In 2000, Gore narrowly won it. The Cook Political Report lists TN-08 with a D+.1.

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  1. Are you sure that’s the only major military installation in TN? I thought there was an army base up in Kurita’s district?

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