Shelby Co. Non-Discrimination Order

Tomorrow is going to be a busy day for activists seeking equal protection for people in the GLBT community. In Nashville, HB 0335 sponsored by Jeanne Richardson of Memphisis before the House Judiciary Committee, but there’s also something going on right here in Shelby County. County Commissioner Steve Mulroy has introduced a non-discrimination ordinance. Tomorrow is the first reading of the ordinance.

You can read the ordinance here, but essentially the measure provides protections against discrimination for people based on their sexual orientation/gender identity in the County government, by contractors for the county government, and by private employers in the unincorporated areas of Shelby Co.

This ordinance is scheduled to be read for the first time tomorrow. It will have to be read 6 times, 3 in the General Government Committee and 3 in front of the entire County Commission.

Contact your County Commissioners at (901) 545-4301 or via email below, and show your support for this ordinance.

Commissioner Deidre Malone
Commissioner Joyce Avery
Commissioner Mike Ritz
Commissioner George S. Flinn, Jr.
Commissioner Mike Carpenter
Commissioner J. W. Gibson, II
Commissioner Henri E. Brooks
Commissioner James M. Harvey
Commissioner Sidney Chism
Commissioner Joe S. Ford
Commissioner Wyatt Bunker
Commissioner Matt Kuhn
Commissioner Steve Mulroy

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