Aug 31 2009

AC Wharton TV Ad

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This morning, the Wharton campaign released its first TV spot on YouTube that will be played locally. Sets a pretty high bar for the other candidates. Take a look:

Aug 31 2009

More Speeches from Jackson Day

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I apologize for not getting these up yesterday, but my recovery from the post event activities has not been swift, to say the least. Here are the rest of the speeches, in event order.

You can see Bill Clinton’s entire speech here.

Aug 30 2009

Bill Clinton at TNDP Jackson Day

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I’m sure several others have written about Jackson Day in Nashville already. To be perfectly honest, when I got home I started capturing video of the event and haven’t stopped since.

I’ve never been to a state level political event this large. There were some 3000 people in attendance to see keynote speakers Vice-President Gore and President Clinton. The whole thing was inspiring.

Even though I spent the majority of my formative years living in Arkansas, where Bill Clinton was first my Governor, then my President, in the past eight years, I had forgotten a lot of the “why” Bill Clinton is the intellectual and political force to be reckoned with that he is.

Here is Bill Clinton’s entire speech to the TNDP Jackson Day crowd. It’s a must see, not only for Tennessee Democrats, but Democrats nationwide.

Aug 28 2009

Memphis Mayoral Debate – Coverage

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Last night I gave my immediate impressions. You can watch the entire debate here and you should, because I’ve started selling Brain Bleach, which is coincidentally the word of the day today.

Below is the report from WMCTV who aired the debate.

Commercial Appeal writer and debate questioner Wendi C. Thomas was truly perplexed by the whole Mongo scene.

The Memphis Flyer’s Jackson Baker has ten observations that he reserves the right to revise and extend in the future. Good call. Bruce VanWyngarden also had some immediate observations.

Bob at 55-40 brought us three posts dealing with the debate.

And Lindsey at the Commercial Appeal, did a fine job of stitching several perspectives together, including yours truly.

I still have mixed feelings about the whole scene, and despite the comic relief brought by Mongo and the embarrassment I felt for a few others, it was a good introduction. That said, I think we know who the viable candidates are and next time we can separate the wheat from the chaff. There’s no need to make this process any more of a sideshow than if already is.

Aug 28 2009

You Don't Mind Socialized Fire Protection, Do You?

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