Apr 30 2008

We Admitted We Had a Problem…

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Considering President Bush’s history, this shouldn’t have been so hard…

White House admits fault on ‘Mission Accomplished’ banner

1. We admitted we were powerless over reality—that our lives had become unmanageable due to our media message and really bad policy.

From the twelve steps of policy screw ups.

Apr 26 2008

Frustration, and a Lack of Motivation

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I haven’t written much lately. In fact, I haven’t been following much since Super Tuesday. I still do my normal rss read through, and visit the places I always did, but lately, nothing has moved me to write much.

There are a lot of reasons for this. I’ve been chalking it up to my work/travel schedule, but that’s just an easy excuse. I’ve never had much problem taking time to write when something moved me. Lately, as I read, I’ve found all I can do is shake my head and sigh.

The source of my frustration is complex. It doesn’t begin or end with the Democratic Presidential quagmire, though that certainly plays a role. It doesn’t really have much to do with Congress’ lack of backbone, though that is irritating. It doesn’t even have much to do with the direction that our President has taken us, though I have to tell you that I never could have imagined we’d be where we are today 8 years ago.

No, it goes both deeper and longer than any of these things.

In my 36 years on this Earth, I’ve watched lots of things happen, but perhaps the most disturbing, and discouraging has been the summary destruction of our independence as individuals. I’m not talking about government intervention, per se, I’m talking about our day to day lives as people. I’m talking about our willingness to be force fed “reality” instead of making our own. We have slipped into a semi-conscious state, as a people. A doughy mess of indifference and surrender, brought on by paternalistic leaders, both in and outside of government, who consistently dupe us into believing that they, and they only, own the mantle of what is in our collective best interest.

In that time we’ve been fattened up, bred into submission, and surrendered our power for “security” or what ever the buzz word of the day happened to be. We’ve given permission to these select few to tilt the game against us, for “our best interest”. We’ve ceded responsibility for comfort and in the process, ensured that any fight to regain control will both be an uphill battle and have many casualties.

All of this sounds bad enough. Sounds pretty bleak. That’s not the worst of it. We, as the citizens of this nation, have given up our will to fight for ourselves. We have bought, hook line and sinker, the notion that we are powerless, victims of circumstance.

We sustain this with every resigned head shake, every election we ignore, every bogus media report that we don’t call bull on. We are the only ones that have the power to allow this to happen, but instead of stopping the foolishness, we look at each other, dumbstruck, then point in ANY other direction. We have no one to blame but ourselves.

If you feel like I’m blaming the victim, I’m not. We’re not the victims, we’re the perpetrators. The future of our nation, and every future citizen we train to act as irresponsibly as we have is the victim until they join the game.

There are a lot of metaphors that I could employ here that I just don’t care about using. I’m stone cold sober and serious. We are the problem, not the government or the wealthy, we are. The government is an ugly reflection of us. Were it not for our tacit approval, neither group would have been able to do what they have done to stack the deck.

So what’s the solution Captian Negative? The solution is not taking things for granted. The solution is becoming more involved as a group.

Apr 24 2008

Harrowing Healthcare Hedge

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Since everyone’s bored to death with the Presidential contest that will never end, Democrats in Congress have decided to make some news. As reported in The Hill, some Democrats are not so sure how possible it will be to enact the healthcare plans proposed by our Presidential contenders.

“We all know there is not enough money to do all this stuff,” said Sen. Jay Rockefeller (D-W.Va.), a Finance Committee member and an Obama supporter, referring to the presidential candidates’ healthcare plans. “What they are doing is … laying out their ambitions.”

Fair enough. I think most people can agree that whoever wins the Presidency, their current plan will merely be a roadmap, not the gospel.

Sen. Charles Schumer (N.Y.), a member of Senate Democratic leadership and a key Hillary Clinton ally who also sits on the Finance Committee, said he is “not sure we have the big plan on healthcare.”
“Healthcare I feel strongly about, but I am not sure that we’re ready for a major national healthcare plan,” Schumer said.
Schumer said he would focus “on prevention above all and cost cutting until we can get a national healthcare plan.”

Prevention? Because that’s working so well in everything else we do. That’s great Chuck. And what do you mean we don’t have the “plan” on healthcare? Have you read your candidate’s position? Why would you do anything to cast a doubt? Don’t you know she’s “winning” again? /snark

Still, the best quote comes from Rep. Kendrick Meek (D-Fla.):

“I hear on the campaign trail, ‘This is what I’m going to do,’ as if there is not a Congress here with feelings and experience on this issue,” Meek said. “I think it’s important that everyone takes that into consideration and that this is not a kingdom, this is a democracy.”

Are you serious? Feelings? Like whoooaaa, whoooaaaa, whooaaaa, feelings? Give me a break! And where has all that high falutin’ “Not a Monarchy” crap been for the last 8 years Mr. Votes for unrestricted funding man.

The only Democrat that seemed to have a positive position on this was, surprisingly Sen. Dianne Feinstein (D-Calif.), a Clinton supporter

…made the case that voters would be giving them a mandate to enact healthcare reform if either Democrat wins in November.

There’s the spirit DIFI.

Look people, we’re still in the primary season, and now’s not the time to start casting doubt on our ability to do what just about every American wants us to do, fix the healthcare system, that’s a job for the Republicans. Let’s not announce a defeat before we even try. Let’s not try to lower expectations because we’re afraid it might not work. For the love of all that is Holy, how’s about some optimism?: Sheesh!

Apr 16 2008

Will Joe Pull a Zell?

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From The Hill

Sen. Joe Lieberman (I-Conn.), the Democratic Party’s 2000 vice presidential nominee, is leaving open the possibility of giving a keynote address on behalf of Sen. John McCain (Ariz.) at the Republican National Convention in September.

Republicans close to the McCain campaign say Lieberman’s appearance at the convention, possibly before a national primetime audience, could help make the case that the presumptive GOP nominee has a record of crossing the aisle. That could appeal to much-needed independent voters.

As soon as Lieberman has completed his speech, Harry Reid should relieve Joementum from his post as the Chairman of the Homeland Security and Governmental Affairs and re-assign him to some crappy committee like the Senate Bathroom Washer Committee or something.

Let’s win lots of Senate races this fall so we can put this no talent ass clown out to pasture.

Apr 07 2008

Free Ride

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The filing deadline in Tennessee has come and gone, and now we know who’s running, and in some cases, who’s not. The Tennessee Bush Dogs are on their way to re-election, some with less opposition than others. Lincoln Davis has drawn a Democratic Primary opponent. I’ll be keeping an eye on that race. Jim Cooper and Bart Gordon face some opposition in the general, but nothing insurmountable. John Tanner is the luckiest, drawing no opponent period.

Way to send a message TN-08. I guess that’s one safe “Democratic” seat in Tennessee.

Tanner’s lack of an opponent is annoying, but not surprising. He’s relatively popular in the 8th. He’s never had much opposition EVER. I guess that means he can use his reported $1.2m on getting other Democrats elected. I hope that’s what he does with it.