Oct 22 2007

Chuck Likes Mike

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TPM Election Central reports that Walker, Texas Ranger star Chuck Norris has endorsed Mike Huckabee for the Republican nominee for President.

The man, who can slam a revolving door says in his post on World Net Daily that Huckabee, “will fight for the issues that lead us safely, and with prosperity, into the future.” One assumes a “or I’ll kick his ass” followed that statement.

Democratic candidates cowered in terror at the news. Clinton strategist Mark Penn, sporting a fresh black eye is reportedly assessing which nation with no extradition treaty he should retreat to in the face of the endorsement and Norris’ fist like chin.

The endorsement of the man who made the nation of France surrender “just in case” after watching only one episode of Walker, Texas Ranger will no doubt tip the balance of the Republican nomination, and the general election to Huckabee.

Stay tuned, I hope to have more on this after Chuck Norris gets finished kicking my ass.

Oct 19 2007


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Imagine, if you will, 200+ years of history gone. America in it’s infancy in our present day. The Constitution, in it’s current manifestation has just been ratified, and George Washington, our first President, is at the helm. What would George Washington do?

The man, who steadfastly worked to reject the idea of a constitutional monarchy, or even any idea of the “unitary executive”…WWGWD?

Would he seek to focus power on the executive branch with little regard for transparency in his surrogates?

Would the rule of law be utilized as a partisan tool, intent on quashing dissention?

Would he mortgage the future of a newly born nation for the expediency of political gain?


Would sovereign nations be merely pawns in his foreign policy?

Would perceived dominance trump long term leadership?

Would talking points be the standard upon which his leadership was measured?


Despite my ”Outrage fatigue”, I find these and other questions both comforting, and disturbing considering the events of the past 7 years.


Oct 19 2007

Outrage Fatigue

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I find myself suffering from outrage fatigue. Seems that I’m not the only one. With all the shenanigans that are currently going on in the national and local political sphere, finding something to focus my outrage on has been difficult, dishearteningly difficult. FISA, the Mukasey nomination, Torture, the DOJ scandal, SCHIP, Iraq, the local election results, and the general skullduggery that surrounds these and other issues have clouded my mind and left me feeling hollow. Anyone else know what I mean?

There’s just too much going on and not enough positive result. Sadly, it’s shaking my faith in not only the power of people to affect change in their world, but the people and organizations that we look to that help that change along.

Maybe I’m too impatient. Perhaps I’m being unrealistic. Certainly my standard for what constitutes “change” is very high. Still, I can’t help feeling that the principles and ideals that I hold dear are engaged in a death spiral, falling further and further away from fruition, at the hands of many I trusted to nurture and guide them into the conversation, and eventually, the law, or policy, of the land.

As a side note, I find it interesting that those who are on the flip side of the spectrum from my ideology are feeling the same thing, though that offers little comfort.

How does someone combat outrage fatigue? Certainly there’s no medical treatment, no pill, fluid, powder or combination of the three that can truly address the mix of emotional, intellectual and physical symptoms that it encompasses. For me, this has been a weeklong conundrum. Even just writing about it makes me tired.

I don’t have much more to say here except that as a born optimist living in a sardonic satirical shell this is making me nuts. I need a vaccine, and all the filibusters, press conferences ad veto override votes in the world won’t stop it now. Where to go, what to do, these are my questions. Hopefully, I’ll find some answers.

Oct 19 2007


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I saw this video on Wonkette. It was too intriguing to ignore.

Then I actually watched it. And oh my God. Brilliant.

Go on, do it, go to Draft Katherine Harris.com.

The site is run by the Florida Democratic Party, and Kudos to them for having the stones to pull something like the off in such a fantastic way.

Oct 18 2007

Spine Replacement Specialist Needed

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Spine Replacement Specialist Needed in DC Metro area.

Must have experience with legislative bodies.

Qualified Candidates report to the Senate Majority Leader immediately.

Employment Code: FISA